Urban planning and environment

Our Urban Planning Law team has an important background in this area, as the professionals who make up this department have extensive experience based on advising many of the largest urban planning operations in the country.

Thus, from the Town Planning Area, we have been providing qualified legal advice on planning, management, execution and discipline, whether to the various Public Administrations, Public Sector entities, Collaborating Town Planning Entities such as Compensation Boards or Conservation Entities, private companies and individuals.

At GC LEGAL we are clear about what our added value is in order to make a difference in this area as well. To this end, we design the legal strategy most in line with the interests of our clients, whether it be, among others, through the preparation of reports and legal opinions; specialist legal advice on the drafting and processing of General Urban Development Plans, Sectorisation Plans and other development planning instruments, such as Partial Plans, Special Plans, Urban Development Action Programmes and Detailed Studies; Negotiation and management of urban development agreements; drafting and processing of urban development management instruments such as reparcelling projects; advice on sanctioning procedures or on obtaining licences or various authorisations and, of course, we take on the legal defence of our clients in administrative and contentious-administrative procedures that may arise in this area.

Comprehensive legal advice on town planning matters also includes the defence of our clients on the commission of offences concerning town planning and land use, whether under the procedural position of defence or prosecution.


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