At GC LEGAL we endeavour to solve our client’s problems by providing them with a high-quality technical service in strict accordance, with the rules of professional ethics. Furthermore, we strive to be honest and transparent with our clients, whether they be individuals or legal entities as regards the likelihood of their claims being partially or totally satisfied. We want to accompany them until we reach the most suitable solution for them in every case, and therefore must know fully their needs and their objectives.

Our aim is to facilitate, insofar as it is possible, reasonable agreements, avoiding unnecessary conflicts which are long-winded, waste time and may involve a great deal of expense and unpleasantness. To that effect, we only resort to the courts in so-called essential cases and we always advise the client regarding risks involved, foreseeable deadlines and total costs.

The best way to protect our client´s interests is by avoiding conflict altogether. For this reason, we pay special attentions to strategic legal counsel. We believe that lawyers are not only there to solve problems, but also to avoid them or to minimize risk as much as possible. Once conflict occurs, legal proceedings are limited and costs increased.

In the Law firm, what we consider to be a ‘just causes’ are also appreciated. That is to say those cases in which not only our client’s problem, but also a basic principle of pour legal system and our rule of law is elucidated. To that effect, we are an innovative law firm at our client’s disposal to investigate all legal procedures in the national and international fields to achieve acknowledgement of the inherent justice of a claim.