At GC Legal our aim is to solve our clients’ problems by providing them with a high quality technical service in strict compliance with professional ethics standards. But we also want to be always honest and transparent with our individual and corporate clients as to the likelihood of their expectations being fully or partially met. It is our desire to accompany them through the process to achieving the most suitable solution for them in each case. To do this we need intimate knowledge of their needs and expectations.

As far as possible it is our intention to facilitate reasonable agreements and avoid unnecessary conflicts that are prolonged over time, which can lead to significant economic and personal costs. In this sense, we only go to court in cases where it is unavoidable and we always provide our clients with all information about the risks, likely periods and total costs.

The best way to protect the interests of our clients is to avoid conflict. This is why we pay particular attention to “strategic legal advice”. We believe that lawyers are not only here to solve problems, but to avoid them or minimise the risks of conflict. Once a conflict occurs, courses of action are limited and costs increase.

In our firm we also look at what we consider to be “just causes”, or cases that not only resolve a client’s problems, but also clarify basic principles of our legal system and rule of law. In this sense, we are an innovative firm that offers its clients the possibility of exploring all legal avenues at both a Spanish and international level to achieve recognition of the “justice” inherent to a claim.