Occupational Relations

Hiring, business subrogation and transfer of undertakings

Through its Labour Department, the firm offers specialised and personalised consultancy for ordinary employment contracts, contracts for self-employed workers and special senior management contracts. It analyses each case and recommends the most appropriate structure before fully drafting contracts with company-specific protection, exclusivity or non-competition clauses; specialised consultancy and drafting of framework or specific contracts for the lease of works or services between companies in any business sector (including agreements with employment workshops and IT services provision agreements); differentiation between contracts for agency workers and those with clauses aimed at preventing the illegal assignment of workers; preventive consultancy and hiring in cases of business subrogation and transfers of undertakings with appropriate documents for these purposes.

Occupational relations – Modification and termination

The firm’s Labour Department provides specialised and personalised consultancy on unified trade union elections and union sections in the company. It analyses the origin and monitors electoral processes and files challenges if necessary; it provides consultancy on ordinary labour relations between the company and the unified (or trade union) representatives of employees, in the different areas of intervention of each of these types of representation (collective bargaining agreements and company agreements, professional classification, collective modification of working conditions, control of working hours, overtime, public pension supplements, social security contributions in appropriate categories, among other aspects). It offers consultancy on attitudes and negotiations and draws up documents and directly intervenes in negotiations where appropriate.
In addition, it offers specialised and personalised advice on individual or collective modifications to the contract, on its individual termination on disciplinary or objective grounds and on formal collective termination (employment regulation files – EREs) on objective grounds, or informal collective termination (objective individual terminations, respecting thresholds). It intervenes directly in executing the measures indicated above by drawing up documents and holding any negotiations required for this purpose.

Legal proceedings in general – Accidents in the workplace and occupational diseases

The Firm’s Labour Department specialises in representing and defending clients before reconciliation, arbitration and social jurisdiction bodies in all types of labour, social security and occupational risk prevention legislation. Representation before the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate. Representation in civil, social, criminal and contentious-administrative jurisdictions for claims related to accidents in the workplace, occupational disease, changes to contingencies, social security surcharges and compensation for damages and losses.

Specialising in administrative and judicial proceedings related to work activities in contact with asbestos and, in general, any type of agent that is harmful to health.

Link to website explaining asbestos and Google contact: www.ars-imp.com


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